Black and Blue
Black And Blue-cover art
Released April 23, 1976
Genre Rock, funk rock, reggae
Length 41:24
Label Rolling Stones, Atlantic
Producer The Glimmer Twins
Album Guide
It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Some Girls

Black and Blue is the The Rolling Stones' 13th British studio album, and their 15th American studio album. Released in 1976, it was their debut album with Ronnie Wood as the replacement for Mick Taylor. Wood played twelve-string acoustic on "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)" from the It's Only Rock 'n Roll and subsequently appears on half of the Black and Blue album tracks, mostly as backing vocals, with Wayne Perkins and Harvey Mandel playing guitar on the rest of the album.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Hot Stuff (The Rolling Stones song)" - 5:20 - Lyrics
  2. "Hand of Fate" - 4:28 - Lyrics
  3. "Cherry Oh Baby" - 3:57 - Lyrics
  4. "Memory Motel" - 7:07 - Lyrics
  5. "Hey Negrita (song)" - 4:59 - Lyrics
  6. "Melody" - 5:47 - Lyrics
  7. "Fool to Cry" - 5:04 - Lyrics
  8. "Crazy Mama" - 4:34 - Lyrics

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