Let It Bleed
Released 5 December 1969
Studio Olympic Studios, London
Genre Blues rock, rock and roll, hard rock
Length 42:13
Label Decca Records (UK; London Records (US)
Producer Jimmy Miller
Album Guide
Beggars Banquet
Sticky Fingers

Let It Bleed is the eighth British album released by The Rolling Stones, and was their tenth American album. Released December 5, 1969, shortly after their 1969 American Tour, it is the last album by the band to feature Brian Jones and the first to feature Mick Taylor.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Gimme Shelter" - 4:30 - Lyrics
  2. "Love In Vain" - 4:19 - Lyrics
  3. "Country Honk" - 3:07 - Lyrics
  4. "Live With Me" - 3:33 - Lyrics
  5. "Let It Bleed" - 5:27 - Lyrics
  6. "Midnight Rambler" - 6:52 - Lyrics
  7. "You Got The Silver" - 2:50 - Lyrics
  8. "Monkey Man" - 4:11 - Lyrics
  9. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - 7:30 - Lyrics

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