Tattoo You
Tattoo You-cover art
Released August 24, 1981
Genre Rock, hard rock
Length 44:23
Label Rolling Stones, Atlantic
Producer The Glimmer Twins
Album Guide
Emotional Rescue

Tattoo You is The Rolling Stones' sixteenth album to be released in the UK and eighteenth album to be released in the US. It was released on August 24, 1981 on Rolling Stones Records.


  1. Start Me Up - 3:31 - Lyrics
  2. Hang Fire - 2:20 - Lyrics
  3. Slave - 4:54 - Lyrics
  4. Little T&A- 3:23 - Lyrics
  5. Black Limousine - 3:31 - Lyrics
  6. Neighbors - 3:31 - Lyrics
  7. Worried About You - 5:16 - Lyrics
  8. Tops - 3:45 - Lyrics
  9. Heaven - 4:21 - Lyrics
  10. No Use in Crying - 3:24 - Lyrics
  11. Waiting on a Friend - 4:34 - Lyrics

All songs written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, except Black Limousine and No Use in Crying, on which Ronnie Wood received partial credit.


  1. Start Me Up
  2. Waiting on a Friend
  3. Hang Fire

Soundtrack AppearancesEdit

"Little T&A" was used in the 2013 Academy Award-Winning Best Picture Argo. The film takes place during the Iran hostage crisis, which actually ended several months before the release of Tattoo You.

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